Chaleun Sekong Energy Company Limited

Chaleun Sekong Energy Company Limited (CSE) is one of the companies within Chaleun Sekong Group. It builds, owns and operates hydro power plants in Laos, with a main objective of providing clean renewable electricity, contributing to the country's development objectives of promoting economic growth and reducing poverty in the Lao PDR. This will be achieved by creating world class power generation plants which support the country's goals of social and environmental programs in line with international best practices.

Investor Information

Chaleun Sekong Energy Company Limited, is a company within Chaleun Sekong Group, incorporated on 15 March 2016 with the registered capital of LAK 330 Billion focusing on investing, developing and operating green energy business in the Lao PDR.
Currently, Chaleun Sekong Energy Company Limited is investing in developing and generating hydropower electricity in 10 hydropower dams, in that, 4 dams have already been generating electricity, 4 dams under construction and the other 2 dams are in development phase.

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With our successful and sustainable business operations, in our capacity as developer Hydropower project, construction and investor in full-scale infrastructure projects, CSE is committed to business operations with due care, to social and environment. Our key missions are to create works of excellent quality and useful for the social and national development, with responsibility to all stakeholders, in line with our corporate governance principles, in the economic, social and environmental aspects towards a sustainable development.

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CS Energy bears in mind that our business operations must take into account the social development and environmental care in parallel, with an effort to avoid any acts which may cause a negative impact on communities as well as take care of all staff in the interests of all stakeholders, both inside and outside, with fairness, so as to pave the way for common sustainability.


Alongside business growth, we prioritize social and environmental sustainability.
CS Energy thus develops a sustainable and well-round CSR strategy with a passion for being a role model of good corporate citizens. The company has involved in many activities for social benefits both independently and in support of the government’s charitable work.