Green Energy Brings Prosperity


To be the leader in Lao PDR on green energy development connecting with AEC


1. Promote government policies in energy development and be responsible for society and environment.

2. Value and retain professional management and systematically enhance staff capability and ensure their international compatibility.

3. Operate the business faithfully and fairly as well as ensure business partners’ and shareholders’ wealth.

4. Commit to sustainable development and growth of the company.

Mr. Chanthanome PHOMMANY

Chairman President

The Chaleun Sekong Energy Co., Ltd

Chaleun Sekong Group Limited (CSG) was established and registered in 2009 as Chaleun Sekong Construction Company in Sekong Povince. First registered shared capital was two Billion Lao Kips. Chaleun Sekong Group is now changed to Chaleun Sekong Group Limited and increased the shared capital to Five Brillion Lao Kips.

Currently, CS Group Limited has evolved into the holding and investment company which integrated construction, energy, services and trade.

Therefore, our company also invest in hydropower energy, which already operating 4 hydropower plants with the total generating capacity 129MW. There is another hydropower plant is under construction with total capacity 663MW and three projects with total capacity 313MW is in the technical assessment and planning stage.

The company has also invested in a construction materials Hyper-Market, the CS Complex Center, the first and largest branch in Pakse, the southern part of Laos, with two new branches under construction in Vientiane Capital, and Borlikhamxay Province.

Organization Chart

Board of Management

Chanthanome PHOMMANY
Managing Director & Executive Vice President
Managing Director (CBDO)
Managing Director (COO)
Sithanonsay PHIATHEP
Administration and Human Resource Manager / Assistant to President
Deputy Managing Director (CBDO) / Assistant to President
Deputy Managing Director (CFO)
Deputy Managing Director (COO)
Project Development Manager
Accounting Manager
Soutthiphone Vannathong
Finance Manager
Environmental Social Safety Team Leader
Hongchanh SAYAVONG
Deputy Manager Administration and Human Resource (Administration Manager)
Thongchansamouth phomsavanh
Deputy Manager Administration and Human Resource (Human Resources Manager)

Advisory Committee

Viraphonh VIRAVONG
Executive Advisor
Executive Advisor

Health and Safety Policy

CS ENERGY CO., Ltd on behalf of the Project Developer to develop hydropower projects in Lao PDR recognize that best practice construction management gives full consideration to all health and Safety matters in connection to construction activities. The Project’s Health and Safety philosophy is to ensure the health and safety of personnel, to eliminate property damage and to provide a safe and comfortable working and living environment during the entire construction period.

In the context of the Hydro Power Project Construction. The Project Developer commit to respect to maintain own Health and Safety philosophy as described below:

  • Safety is a paramount consideration in the project.
  • All accidents are prevented.
  • All tasks shall be prevented planned and performed with concern for health and safety.
  • Health and Safety is all line management responsibility.
  • Identify and eliminate or minimize inherent hazard in the work.
  • Closely monitor each steps of the work to detect and promptly eliminate hazards and unsafe practices. Maintain a safe workplace for all employees
  • Provide clear and concise written instruction, rules and plans for the work to be performed.
  • Use trained and qualified workers and staffs.
  • Provide Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Evaluate the risk from the work and establish safety measures before performing every work.
  • Take emergency measures and provide emergency medical treatment in case of an occupational accident occurs. Also investigate causes and take appropriate measure to prevent the recurrence of similar or other accidents.
  • Comply with safe work procedures and comply with applicable government regulations and company policies.
  • The Project has a NO ACCIDENT or (ZERO ACCIDENT) Project Manager and Site Manager have overall responsibility for Health and Safety matter at each respective construction location.

Every person working at Hydro Power Projects will work together to develop and maintain a high level of care and concern towards the safety of ourselves and our fellow employees.

Contact us

CSE Building, Nongbone Road, Unit 8,
Nongbone Village, Saysettha District,
Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR
Tel: (+856 021) 417788, 417789