Environment Responsibility

Our Responsibility

CS Energy There is a mission that requires social benefits together, especially given the opportunity for local people to come to work together with the project, and promote their developed skills. There are plans for living rehabilitation and social development for specific impact of the project. CS Energy also elevates the importance on the public society as: contributing to resolve poverty reduction for people affected by floods across the country in recent years.

Environment Management And Monitoring Plan

Environment Management and Monitoring Plan Watershed area, Reservoir area and Construction area determined and approved by Ministry of Nature Resources and Environment. Implementation is ensured in accordance with the plans set out in accordance with the relevant policies and regulations of Lao PDR, with the aim of ensuring environmental sustainability, sustainable and sustainable development.

Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring is established The Water Quality Monitoring Procedure in accordance with the national environmental standards and international standards. Determine a collection point for weekly, quarterly by using chemical and biological variables. In addition, sampling collection at each point is sent to the laboratory at all the field and get laboratory analyzes result are taken as actual data of the river.