Location:Lamong Village, Phouvong District, Attapeu Province

54 MW

Installed Capacity

204 GWh

Average Annual Energy

65 M

Dam Height

32 Km²

Reservoir Surface Area

Installed Capacity 54 MW
Average Annual Energy 204 GWh
Maximum Turbine Discharge 60.9 m3/s
Rated Head 100.7 m
Turbine Type Vertical Francis x 3 Units
Shareholder CSE 100%
Offtaker EDL
Catchment Area 646 Km2
Annual Average Rain Fall 2,576 mm
Annual Average Discharge 28.9 m3/s
Reservoir Storage Capacity 471 Million m3
Reservoir Surface Area 32 Km2
Full Supply Level 541.8 m a.s.l
Minimum Operating Level 521.0 m a.s.l
Main Dam
Type Roller Compacted
Concrete (RCC)
Height 65 m
Crest Lenght 500 m
Crest Level 545 m a.s.l
Headrace Channel
Longitudinal Gradient
Type Steel Liner
Number of Pipe 1
Diameter 4.2 m
Length 236 m
Longitudinal Gradient
Type Gated
Number of Gate 4
Design Flood Discharge 5,000 m3/s (1,000y)
Max. inflow peak 11,800 m3/s
Headrace Tunnel
Type Concrete Lining
Design Discharge 60.9 m3/s
Diameter 6 m Horseshoe
Length 560 m
Tailrace Channel
Type Open Channel
Switchyard 115 kV
Type Surface
Installed Capacity 54 MW
Number of Unit 3
Turbine Type Francis
Max Powerhouse Discharge 60.9 m³/s
Erection Floor Elevation
Transmission Line
Substation Nam Kong 2 Switchtyard
Length 14.5 Km
Circuit Type Double Circuit
Conductor Size 210 mm2