Location: Namtuad Village, Paksong District, Champasak Province


Project Cost

5 MW

Installed Capacity

18.5 GWh

Average Annual Energy

5 M

Dam Height

0.1 Ha

Reservoir Surface Area

Project Cost $12M
Shareholder CSE 100%
Installed Capacity 5 MW
Average Annual Energy 18.5 GWh
Maximum Turbine Discharge 3.24 m3/s
Rated Head 184 m
Turbine Type Vertical Francis x 2 Units
Offtaker EDL
Catchment Area 82.2 Km2
Annual Average Rain Fall 2,066 mm
Annual Average Discharge 390 m3/s
Reservoir Storage Capacity 8,000 m3
Reservoir Surface Area 0.1 Ha
Full Supply Level 622 m a.s.l
Minimum Operating Level 618 m a.s.l
Main Dam
Type Concrete Gravity
Height 5 m
Crest Lengt້ 30.3 m
Crest level 622 m a.s.l
Headrace Channel
Type Close Channel
Length 1,578 m
Longitudinal Gradient 0.20 %
Type Steel liner
Number of Pipe 2
Diameter 1.2 m
Length 1,015 m
Longitudinal Gradient 18.29 %
Type Ogee Gated
Number of Gate 1
Design Flood Discharge  3
Max. inflow peak 678 m³/s
Headrace Tunnel
Type  –
Design Discharge  –
Diameter  –
Length  –
Tailrace Channel
Type Concrete
Length 5 m
Elevation 184.6 m a.s.l
Dimension 20m x 30m
Installed Capacity 5 MW
Number of Unit 2
Turbine Type Vertical Pelton
Max Powerhouse Discharge 3.24 m3/s
Erection Floor Elevation 429 m a.s.l
Transmission Line
Substation Xenamnoy 1 Substation
Length 12 Km
Circuit Type Single Line
Conductor Size 150 mm2